For a woman, the act of compromise comes as a bitter pill. A civil engineer from one of the most reputed public universities in Bangladesh had to leave her secure career behind to give her daughter a more secure future.

Since the post-pregnancy casualty left her full day at home, a little lazy facebook and internet browsing had Farhana Rahman learn something resourceful about the online market. She discovered that the majority of them are mainly clothing business. Whoever few are at least attempting to bring out the handmade leather and jute items lacked variation and sophistication. Moreover, most of them are targeting only the female customers, thereby limiting their collection to female products.

This is something which had clicked her mind, and Farhana decided to open her own online business with a different collection which includes both men-women fashion items. Without a second thought, she invested all her money into this entrepreneurship. She started designing every single bag on her own and also having the workers make them under her direct supervision.

Alligator patterned Bag  Black Tote Bag

Initially, it was not any piece of cake for a woman whose first and a full-time job is nurturing a baby. Moving back and forth to her cousin’s factory far from her residence, it seemed quite impossible to continue a startup business like that. Finally, by her husband’s suggestion, she not only established her own factory near her home where she can work suitably but also now owns a store where all her toiled treasures are being sold.

Genuine cow leather Shoulder Bag Shoulder bag  She even made her first entry at the Dhaka International Trade Fair this year, which was quite a success. This talented Dorpon artisan’s collection displays a range of exotic designs for both men and women. Bag Woman‘s storage keeps a line of versatile and roomy bags which will offer an official & trendy look on you.

Although leaving the job seemed so frightful and uncertain at first, a single idea happened to change Farhana’s whole world in no time. For, now she receives the best of both worlds allowing herself to remain a dutiful mother as well as a successful entrepreneur!

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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