Courage has the unique power to cross the river against all currents. Ribana’s story began somehow like that. About three and half years ago Bunon found its way to a successful business line through her hand and so did many others. Being an architecture student, Ribana was expected to design bricks and bridges. But she had something else on her mind. “Why not become my own boss and help out some more people?” – was her initial and ever-growing thought entering into this wild adventure of herself.

Ribana Haque - the owner of 'Bunon'

It was merely a venture out of a hobby. Since she was an expert at making beautiful crochet items, she wished to share her talent into something broader. But little she imagined she would be able to change so many other women’s lives overnight by making them financially independent. “It feels amazing to see the smiles on their faces” says Ribana — the owner of Bunon on her contribution to women empowerment. All of her artisans are female. They are of different ages, classes, and areas. these women are working together with Ribana weaving diligently a collection of uniquely designed handcrafted products day and night. Starting with only two and now thirty-five employees, Bunon helps these women to carry out their family and study expenses which Ribana considers as a huge achievement.

Although producing the home décor items mainly, Bunon also sells baby shoes and dresses. Ribana Hoque ensures each item’s quality at first. You will find no difference between the pictures and the items presented by her shop. It aims at making foreign patterned and export-standard items.

Crochet Cushion cover Adorable Baby Shoe

You will have to pre-order at this Dorpon shop if you want to have these amazing pieces for yourself. The best thing about Bunon is that you will find the coziness and homely feeling in every item here. Which is why these items are absolutely impossible to ignore.


Adorable Baby Shoes

Despite knowing the fact of people’s squinting and discouraging glare at her endeavor, Ribana never stopped dreaming. She hopes to raise the number of female artisans in her business up to 3000 someday. Her business is gradually expanding all the way to U.S.A and China, and as inspiring and assuring her story of entrepreneurship is, Bunon certainly offers you products that reflects a touch of something different!

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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