Once upon a time, a Bengali boy named Raju met an Indigenous girl named Da ching ching. Their greeting led to a meeting, and the meeting led to some universal affection which none of them could deny. Since Bengali and Marma marriage is difficult to condone, everyone opposed to their unity. But love knows no bound, and running away seemed to be the only option safer than facing the reality. After two and a half years, there came a beautiful baby girl into their life. At the same time, creativity too found its way to their parenthood duty. Through a circle of bonding & love; thus, another journey began.

The 'Finery' owners Da Ching Ching & Raju Hamid with their daughter

Being a journalist, Raju had all the sources to find out the Rickshaw Art painters’ help and as harmoniously creative the duo is, it was only a matter of time to launch something off the convention. Every dumped thing they foundsay it a plain boxold newspapers, or perhaps a 52-years old vintage trunk  turned into a beautiful jewelry box, an interesting paper craft, or an artistic trunk –  all designed and recycled by the artisans’ tender care! 

A Beautiful Rickshaw painted Trunk

Imagine a wine bottle painted in Rickshaw art is enhancing your living room or bedroom’s appearance! Those stupendous sets of wine bottle and glasses are an absolute stunner, which, by the way, happens to have been highly criticized too. People used to denounce the artists for enticing others into drinking alcohol by selling them in the attractively painted wine bottles. which is, of course, a complete no-no item in a Muslim majority country. But Art has no religion, for, this couple’s creative journey has received immense appreciation and success since the day of their launch. One can buy these bodacious handcrafted items of this Dorpon seller at a different price range starting from 250 up to 3000.

A wine Bottle set for decoration Rickshaw painted wine bottle & glasses

Cherishing a big dream in eyes of representing Bangladesh with this living colorful art through their little enterprise, the fighter pair has been decorating people’s homes for one and half years now. By spreading their love everywhere through their craftsmanship, today they are living happily ever after. 

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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