They say that necessity is the mother of invention. What if that invention weaves to some exotic dreams and an immensely strong goal which would lead us towards something even more beautiful? Such is the story of Tanzila Islam & Mahmuda Chowdhury – the owners of Poteshwary.

Mahmuda Chowdhury & Tanzia Islam

On a regular day, a cousin of Tanzila was hassling over the universal trouble which bothers every woman on earth. The trouble of not finding any dress to wear. Tanzila could clearly see hundreds of dresses were resting in her cousin’s wardrobe. So, all that fuss & complaints about not having a dress to wear at an upcoming party made her laugh out loud. a beautiful creation of 'Poteshwary'

Her cousin immediately started browsing all the online shops in search of a perfect party attire. Tanzila too tried helping but to her surprise, she discovered something rather disappointing. It is very difficult to find out a wear that can fulfill the customer satisfaction, comes in a proper delivery, and can be bought at a quick response!

handmade jewelry set

Right at that very moment, the idea-fox peeped into her mind of opening an exclusive shop of her own. A shop where all of these typical online shopping problems would get resolved. She shared her thoughts with her best friend Mahmuda. After hearing her idea, the first thing that poked Mahmuda was that it will never be an easier job to attain. Yet, after sensing all the risks & uncertainty, both of them decided to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. They were determined to create an online shop which would provide the quality product, authentic design, selectable fashion order, and a prompt delivery system – all at a very reasonable price.

a red zari worked saree a fashionable saree presented by 'Poteshwary'

Since Dorpon promotes all the Bangladeshi creative artisans and entrepreneurs, Poteshwary began its voyage on this platform with the intention of standing out among all those eye-catchy online shopping services who can barely remain true to their customers.

a beautiful neckpiece

Despite all the fear & uncertainty, Tanzila and Mahmuda fueled their dreams. Today, they are two successful entrepreneurs of a voguish online shop of handmade products which potentially reaches out to the customers by delivering them the appropriate fashion panache at home.

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture Credit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.


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