If you love Bangladeshi Jute items then this Dorpon shop should be your ideal sanctuary. Crafted with our golden fiber, Sutar Kabbo has a variety of exclusive and handmade items that are sure to strike your inner “bangaliana”. Products like shataranji, floor runner, and other decorative items weaved by the root level Tribal and Bengali artisans from all over Bangladesh will give you a taste of their simplicity and nativity.

A Shaotal artisan holding a handmade Elephant showpiece

The idea came from a group of friends while spending holidays in a remote area at Dinajpur in a vicinity of the Shaotal tribe. Shathi, Ferdous, Ranju, and Nusrat simply wanted to help these people in earning some extra money. They began sourcing out all sorts of raw materials and designs to the local artisans with the hope of presenting our jute industry in a different & more exclusive way.  This heartfelt duty toward our rural people led them to this venture and thus it all started.

Shutar Kabbo Artisan weaving Shataranji Handmade Gift cards

What makes Sutar Kabbo a one of a kind shop is that the items here are entirely made by the entrepreneurs’ own design. Crafted with tender care by the artisans makes the shop items unique for the right reason. Beautiful Plant hanger for your houseplants, wall mats for your room walls, trendy table runner for your dining decor, or perhaps a jute made adorable Christmas tree can be an ideal gift for your dear ones.

Jute made Christmas tree Jute Bookmark

So let’s buy something beautiful from Sutar Kabbo that will remind us of our Mother Nature and the national pride. Utilizing our golden fiber has never been proved to be so perfect. They also have a beautiful collection of jute made bookmarks, wooden mirror, gift items, hand-stitched gift cards and many more — all carefully crafted by Sutar Kabbo’s handpicked talented artisans. You will find these colorful items at a very reasonable price.  You can also customize them as per your taste and choice!

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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