Imagine a dumped old bucket which you had been waiting to throw away for a long time, finds a way to be eagerly welcomed in decorating your house! Such amazing events can only be done by the magic of our very own Bangladeshi Rickshaw art!


Sumaina Abedin - the owner of 'OneCulture'

Sumaina Abedin  a social worker, also a member of the Abedin Trust and Kaniz Fatema Girl’s School & College, is fascinated by the Bangladeshi Rickshaw Art. The spontaneous color combination and evocative design of this age-old tradition bewildered her so much that she decided to give it a different touch of exposition. 

The ideas came flooding to her and she arranged to exhibit these uniquely presented Rickshaw Art at her own house. The day couldn’t be any better than the Pohela Boishakh for this cultural rendezvous. “Not even a single piece was left out in my exhibition” exclaimed Ms. Abedin excitedly.“Other countries are getting so much attention by promoting their cultural arts and thriving in this arena. Our culture is highly enriched too, can’t we do the same? she questioned. 

A beautiful Trunk painted by 'OneCulture' artisan

Perhaps, being a social worker it has become her only motive to help others. Which is why Ms. Abedin, with no commercial intention in mind, decides on reviving this decaying art in every way possible with all her capacity. But she got really disappointed on learning how few to fewer Rickshaw artists she could manage for this project. “It is very difficult to find rickshaw artisans today” she deplored. 

The young people find little or no interest in this art since it is often considered as “the art of the poor. But little they realize how incredibly elevated this art form is and that with proper promotional and presentation, rickshaw art can generate a huge amount of export money too.  Thankfully, Sumaina Abedin did.

Murir Tin with Bonga

These creative ideas of painting birds, peacocks, flowers, etc. in the rickshaw artistic design on a tin box, kettle, jug, bowl, bucket, or any utensil at home works magically and is sure to force yourself to embrace this traditional color fiesta. 




by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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