Some works capture us so much so that our subconscious mind keeps nudging us to make that masterpiece our own instantly. This is exactly the feeling which will cling to you after glimpsing just once at the handmade jewelry of this Dorpon seller. 

Naima Tahsin & Fahmina Ibrahim

Two childhood friends, Fahmina Ibrahim and Naima Tahsin  one, a medical student and the latter, a Disaster Management student went shopping together one day. They saw a pair of earrings and thought, “oh! We could transform that into a ring! and so they did. On wearing the same ring, which came out to be so beautiful, to a wedding function, people started noticing and asking where they got this exceptionally designed jewelry from. Then it occurred to them if this single ring gets so much attention, why shouldn’t they go for more crafting?

The trendy 'Double-ring'a traditional ring made by 'Rongoboti' artisan 

What began with a creative enthusiasm of making a ‘double-ring’ is today established as a successful jewelry business line. The potent brew of two friend’s collaboration begot a line of the contemporary and authentically designed ornaments that grabbed so many people’s likes on social media! The artisans’ sense of original style solders some art pieces that would enhance your occasional embellishment naturally. 

a sterling earring Rongoboti trendy neckpiece

Interestingly, this very ‘double ring’ later seemed to become quite a trend in jewelry fashion of Bangladesh. Rongoboti has a collection of rings, double-ring, bangle, and a range of other various ornaments which will render you a traditional yet exclusive look. These topnotch designs will make you feel as if you are not wearing any piece of jewelry, rather a piece of art, and eventually grab everybody’s admiration. The shimmering earrings and matchless neck pieces will steal your sweetheart’s heart away and awe everyone around, which is why this Dorpon shop is a must to check out.

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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