On a very busy day, stuck in an insane traffic, a girl decided to take charge of the road seeing no one making any move whatsoever. She started directing the cars and bikers to unclog the dysfunctional jam. This abrupt and unusual change in the typical scenario puzzled many. A girl controlling the traffic!! What an unusual turn of event! …. thought everyone caught in that vehicle crowd. One biker wouldn’t even stop staring at her while she was showing the drivers direction. But Rowshan was indifferent to anybody’s reaction. She did what needed to be done regardless of thinking how others will react.

Rowshan Ara - The owner of 'Rowshan's Creation'

Our girls are getting advanced!  said a few women on the road. But Rowshan also knew what those women will say about her on the way back their home. “Did you see that shameless girl? Such audacity I tell you…. it’s not good to act this bold you know” could be their usual part of the conversation. YesRowshan knew this typical disposition of our society, and so she prepared herself for something challenging. She gathered all the courage she required and set on for something new.

Cane made Bird Nest Decoration Piece  A beautiful Cane Lamp Shed

A girl from a middle-class family, Rowshon Ara stepped her foot outside in search of her sustenance in the job market. Career had herself shifted to a factory located far away from home in Narshingdi. As much as harder it was for a girl coming from a conservative and concerned family, a sudden accident made it even easier to alter her career goal instantly. After running into a violent strike on the way to the factory and getting almost killed that day, Rowshan’s parents adamantly forbade her to continue the job. So, in order to earn her keep, she had to think otherwise. Being a member of this digital Bangladesh, she was aware of the budding e-commerce. Her earlier knowledge in handicraft works straightened her way to a new endeavor of opening her own business line.

Nakshi Stitched Saree

 As famous as the hand-stitched products of Jessore are, Rowshon couldn’t think of any other better track to run her entrepreneurship with. She started sewing colorful and nakshi patterned kameez, sarees, three-piece, two-piece etc. Although she got enough satisfactory responses from her online business, the journey, however, has been quite bumpy at times. The relatives and neighbors often suggested her parents not to allow their daughter to be involved in business anymore. They taunted her for dealing with so many male clients or doing any business at all. But, with her mother’s financial & emotional support, Rowshan remained consistent with her handcrafting.

Royal Blue Nakshi Patterned Saree Bangladeshi Panjabi

Upon asking how Rowshan’s Creation is different from other handicraft shopsRowshan exclaimed that one can find the authenticity and exceptional quality in each product at a very reasonable price at her shop. What’s best is that she does not aim for an extra profit, rather believes in the customer satisfaction. Apart from the nakshi patterned clothing collection, this Dorpon seller also has a various range of bamboo waste products, seagrass items, jute items, Spiderweb patterned fabric, and flower-sheet products  all at the rightful price.

Beautiful Hand Embroidery Glass-work designed Koti

So, this was the story of a girl who took charge of her own life, despite all the restrictions and insinuations. she successfully proved herself as a proud owner of her shop. If you are a fan of the famous Nakshi Katha from Jessore, then you must visit Rowshan’s Creation. Among all the mixed quality Nakshi quilts in the market these days, Dorpon can assure you of the best authentic products only because of the sellers like this shop owner.

by Ismath Bari, Content Developer, Dorpon.

Picture edit: Iqbal Hossain, Visual Content Developer, Dorpon.

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